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Police Spy Victim Demands NI Inquiry Inclusion

A victim of a highly controversial police spying unit operating in the North of Ireland has filed legal action to overturn Theresa May’s decision to exclude Northern Ireland from the public inquiry into undercover policing.  The spy unit has sparked controversy across Europe.    Justice Minister Claire Sugden MLA told Theresa May (in her previous […]

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Irish Legal News: Man in legal bid to extend Pitchford Inquiry to Northern Ireland

A man targeted by a controversial police spying unit is taking legal action to overturn the decision to exclude Northern Ireland from a public inquiry into undercovering policing.   Jason Kirkpatrick, who was targeted in Northern Ireland by undercover officer Mark Kennedy, has issued judicial review proceedings over then-Home Secretary Theresa May’s decision not to include Northern Ireland […]

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Irish Legal News: Top human rights lawyer advises The Fall writers

One of Northern Ireland’s top human rights lawyers has spoken to Belfast Live about being consulted on the law by the writers of crime drama The Fall.   The third series of the BBC programme, set and filmed in Belfast, focusses on an important trial – and writer Allan Cubitt consulted Belfast lawyer Kevin Winters of KRW Law on the show.  Mr Winters said: […]