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KRW LAW LLP represents the family of Eugene (Sean) Dalton, killed in The Good Samaritan Bombing in Derry on 31stAugust 1988.   Dorothy Johnstone, daughter of Sean Eugene Dalton, tragically died in September last year. She had at the time been appealing a decision of the High Court dismissing a Judicial Review application challenging the […]

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Judge orders UK government to declassify more Thatcher-era papers on Golden Temple Massacre

KRW LAW LLP represents journalist Phil Miller in his quest for information about British support forIndia’s counter-insurgency campaign against Sikhs in the 1980s, including the Golden Temple Massacre at Amritsar in 1984.   A Tribunal in London has told Britain’s Cabinet Office that it must declassify more secret papers aboutthe Golden Temple Massacre in 1984, […]

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