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Survivors and Victims of Institutional Abuse bring the Government to court on the failure to implement a Redress Mechanism following the outcome of the HIA “Hart” Inquiry

KRW LAW LLP is instructed by Victims of Institutional abuse and has initiated judicial review proceedings in the High Court against the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and The Executive Office in response to their refusal to step in and take action in the absence of devolved institutions and provide support and compensation that […]

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On Wednesday, 28th March our client Patrick Jackson was unanimously acquitted by a jury at Belfast Crown Court on unsubstantiated charges.   During the course of the trial our client and his co-accused regularly sought the protection of the court against the prejudicial excesses of social media.   Despite Wednesday’s resounding declaration Patrick now finds […]

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Press Release in relation to Patrick Jackson

On behalf of Patrick Jackson we are grateful to the jury for reaching a common sense verdict of not guilty to all counts.   Paddy has been consistent in his denials and his account.   Consistency had never been a feature of the complainant’s evidence long before she entered the witness box.   So these […]

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