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Statement by Paul Larkin

Sunday Independent editor Alan English has condemned as ‘contemptible’ the online abuse directed at Aoife Moore by Eoghan Harris’s Twitter abuse forum.   However he has made no reference to the atrocious ‘Provo sectarian poison’; abuse directed at me from Barbara J Pym and my Irish Times article, which was followed up by a gratuitous […]

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Statement from Professor Colin Harvey

Following recent revelations about the use of anonymous social media accounts, and given questions that have been raised today with me, it might be helpful if I provided the following brief public statement.   First, I extend my solidarity and support to all affected by the actions of those behind the ‘Barbara J. Pym’ twitter […]

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Statement on behalf of our client Paul Larkin

On 15 April we corresponded with the Data Controller of Twitter on behalf of our client Paul Larkin, an award winning Journalist and Author.   On 25 March our client’s article “Defining the sub polity that is Northern Ireland” was published by the Irish Times.   https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/books/defining-the-sub-polity-that-is-northern-ireland-1.4517000   On 29 March, the profile BarbaraJ.Pym@barbarapym2 posted […]

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