We act on behalf of the next of kin and family of Katie Simpson who was murdered in August 2020 by Jonathan Creswell.


Creswell killed himself before he was due to face trial for Katie’s murder.


In addition to the prosecution of Creswell 3 other females were also prosecuted for the offences of withholding information and perverting the course of justice. Each of these individuals contributed in different ways to impeding the police inquiries into the activities of Jonathan Creswell.


They were convicted and sentenced at Belfast Crown Court on 14th June 2024. The Learned Judge made it clear that the respective criminal offending, “Crossed the custody threshold”. However he imposed sentences which were then suspended. None of the Defendants were sent to jail.


The PPS have indicated there will be no appeal over the sentencing.


We have now been instructed by the family to challenge this decision.


Speaking today on the announcement of legal action Kevin Winters of KRW LAW said,


“We have been contacted by the family to challenge the decision not to refer sentencing to the Court of Appeal. This is a truly shocking case. There is a sorry and depressing history to it. The police investigation into the killing has been the subject of a recent PONI report, the full details of which have yet to reach the public domain. We have requested access to that Report.


Our clients are devastated to learn that no one has been sent to jail for the killing of Katie and the criminality of those involved in covering up for Creswell. The failure to report important information to the authorities from the very outset created problems for the investigation.


The family were very pleased to hear the Judge state, “The women’s offending crossed the custody threshold” but they are disappointed no-one has been sent to jail despite their serious criminality. They are resolutely determined to push for a review of this sentencing.


Today we have sent a preliminary notification to the PPS urging an immediate review. We set out why we say this case needs to be referred. There are very strict timelines within which to do this. Therefore, we have urged the PPS to undertake this review urgently.


We have also asked for an outline of the reasons why no sentencing review has been requested.


This latest setback to the family comes within days of news about their Victim Impact Statements being made public without their consent. They are encouraged the Court has raised concern about this. We have written to the Attorney General seeking her intervention.”