The Kingsmill Inquest

KRW LAW LLP are proud to act on behalf of the family of John McConnell (deceased) and Alan Black (survivor) into the inquests into the Kingsmill Massacre of 1976.


Following the most recent hearing of the Kingsmill Inquest on Friday 30 June 2017 KRW LAW LLP will be writing to PSNI Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton in respect of the new information he provided to the inquest.


It was disclosed at the hearing on Friday that the PSNI Historical Enquiries Team (HET) finger-print expert who was commissioned to assist the HET Review into the Kingsmill Massacre and who carried out finger print analysis on other historical murders, had a 10% error rate, following a ‘dip’ sample of his work.


This raises serious concerns in respect of the work of this expert who was working for the PSNI HET in the review of finger-print marks on file of many Legacy murder investigations.


It was revealed today that the PSNI have requested the London Metropolitan Police (LMP) to conduct an audit of the work of this finger-print expert, which spans a period of many years.


This serious disclosure during the recent proceedings was the first that the families concerned learned of this grave development.  On behalf of the families KRW LAW LLP represent we will be seeking that a full audit be carried out in respect of this matter and indeed, enquiring as to how many other cases may be affected.


It is integral to the truth recovery process that the unvarnished facts and the entirety of the failings in the investigative process are brought to light in the Kingsmill Massacre and all other historical murders in which this finger-print expert was engaged to conduct analysis are exposed.




Barry O’Donnell

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