KRW LAW LLP is instructed by Ann McKearnan, the sister of Gerry Conlon.  Gerry Conlon was one of the Guildford Four wrongfully imprisoned for the Guildford Pub Bombings 1974. Gerry Conlon died in 2014. KRW is also assisting one of the young soldiers who survived the bombing of The Horse and Groom Pub in Guildford.  This former soldier wishes to remain anonymous but whose life has been traumatised by the bombing. The bomb in The Horse and Groom killed four soldiers and one civilian.


As reported by The Irish News, yesterday KRW LAW LLP wrote to the Attorney General for England and Wales, requesting that he direct a fresh investigation into the original police investigation by the Surrey Police and the original prosecution of the Guildford Four.


This application has been made on the basis of material accessed at the National Archives at Kew, first identified by BBC Surrey. This material indicates possible alteration or suppression of evidence relating to the admissions made by the Balcombe Street IRA Cell in order to secure the conviction of The Guildford Four.


In addition, KRW LAW LLP has now been granted access to the original inquest papers relating to the victims of The Guildford Pub Bombings 1975. We are hoping to assess the significance of these papers in the coming weeks in order to determine whether there is sufficient reason to request the Senior Coroner for Surrey to resume the original inquests, which we understand would have been suspended pending the conviction of The Guildford Four.

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