Last year the Senior Coroner for Surrey ruled that the inquest into The Guildford Pub Bombings 1974 would be resumed. The original inquest was suspended following the conviction of The Guildford Four who were subsequently released on appeal. The application to resume the inquest was made by KRW LAW LLP on behalf of the family of Private Ann Hamilton who was killed with three colleagues from the British Army and a civilian.


To date KRW and Counsel have acted pro bono.


Legal aid to provide independent legal representation for the family of Ann Hamilton was refused by the Legal Aid Agency. This was despite the application being endorsed by the Senior Coroner.


KRW is no longer able to provide legal assistance moving forward.


On Thursday there will be a further preliminary hearing by video-link at which KRW will not be present because of the absence of funding.


This will be a complex multi-death inquest with substantial disclosure of evidence.


Surrey Police, the Metropolitan Police, the MOD are represented publicly funded solicitors and counsel, both senior and junior.


This inquest is a Legacy inquest as it is an inquest into an IRA bombing during The Troubles in Northern Ireland.


The Veterans Minister, Johnny Mercer MP, has established legal support mechanisms within the MOD to assist British Army veterans who may be called on to assist in Legacy inquests. This includes free legal representation.


KRW has written to Johnny Mercer requesting that he provide public funding for independent legal representation for the family of Private Ann Hamilton so they can fairly and effectively participate into the investigation into her death.


GPB74 KRW Letter out to Johnny Mercer 15 05 2020