Today is the 42nd anniversary of the Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974.


KRW LAW LLP has been both honoured and proud to represent eight families of the victims of the Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974.


We have been instructed by, given advice and represented those eight families who now have a last opportunity to access truth, justice and accountability about the loss of their loved ones.


Our clients have trusted and relied upon KRW LAW LLP to secure the resumption of the inquests into the loss of their loved ones. KRW and our clients have been assisted by counsel from England and Northern Ireland.


A week today those inquests will resume.


KRW LAW LLP have willingly engaged in negotiations with the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice and the Legal Aid Agency in order to obtain public funding on behalf of our clients so that they can fulfil their right to effectively participate in the resumed inquests into the deaths of their loved ones.


KRW LAW LLP is a law firm in Northern Ireland. Our clients came to us to seek advice. They maintain their position that they wish to instruct us to represent them in the resumed inquests – to protect their legitimate interests in this complex, sensitive and lengthy process.


Today, our clients do not have state funded legal representation in order for KRW LAW LLP to continue our work on their behalf at the resumed inquests – which commence on the 28 11 2016 – despite the following statement from government:


The issue is not so much whether the funding is through the legal aid fund or through a Hillsborough-type approach as the fact that the families should be represented if the case requires. That is the system we are trying to create.” (Hansard 26 10 2016)


That was last month.


Our clients expect – and have a right to – both parity of funding with the Hillsborough families and for Equality of Arms with the other parties to the resumed inquests, in order for us to undertake the work required on their behalf. Otherwise both their seats and our seats in Birmingham next week will be empty, justice will not have been served and the opportunity to establish truth and accountability will be tragically lost. We hope that this can be avoided and that our clients can be given some assurance that public funding for their continued legal representation can be secured.




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