KRW LAW LLP is acting on behalf of a number of families who lost loved ones in the Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974. We welcomed the decision of the Senior Coroner for Birmingham and Solihull to resume the inquests into the Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974.


Since the start of our relationship with the families of the victims we and our counsel have acted pro bono. That is no longer practical given the scope and complexity of the resumed inquest process. We have made applications for legal aid and for funding from the Lord Chancellor. Following the decision of the Senior Coroner earlier this year we make an application to the Home Secretary for a funding scheme similar to that made available to the families of the victims of the Hillsborough Disaster 1989.


On 5th September we will be in London with the families we represent to attend a private meeting with the new Home Secretary Amber Rudd in the Houses of Parliament. This follows a private meeting last year with Ms Rudd’ predecessor, the Prime Minister, and the then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. The Prime Minister claimed the Hillsborough Inquests a success. Success is difficult to measure in such tragic cases however with the legal representation the bereaved families can have their questions and concerns considered. We hope that by meeting the new Home Secretary she will have good news.


The families we represent are now at historic point of truth recovery. This is the first time an independent investigation into the Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974 will take place – and the last. It is important that those families who want to participate in the inquest process are able to do so effectively which means with legal representation to examine material and witnesses. We bring a depth of experience regarding the Legacy of the Conflict in Northern Ireland to the bereaved families of the Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974. We ask the Home Secretary to allow us to continue to do so in their interests and in the interests of justice, truth and accountability.