KRW LAW LLP represent ten of the families of victims of the Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974 in the resumed inquests into the deaths of their loved ones.


The Coroner has decided to seek leave from the Court of Appeal to appeal the judgment delivered by the Divisional Court last week In Birmingham which quashed his Ruling on Scope and remitted that decision back to him regarding the exclusion of the perpetrator issue – who bombed Birmingham?


The Coroner has issued a Press Release which states:


“In the circumstances, the Coroner considers that legal issues raised in the High Court judgment require reconsideration and clarification and he now intends to seek permission to appeal the judgment to the Court of Appeal.”


A pre-inquest review, which had been listed for 22 February, will now be postponed.


Our client’s maintain that the investigation into the murder of their loved ones must be independent and effective and conducted in accordance with human rights standards and include not only the issue of perpetrators but also any National Security aspects which are connected with the bombings.


Our clients intend to effectively participate in this appeal and to that end will be seeking, in first instance, public funding from the Legal Aid Agency. A previous application relating was refused by the LAA which lead to our clients being reliant upon Crowd Justice and public generosity.


Christopher Stanley of KRW said:


“There was always a possibility that the Coroner would seek to appeal the judgement against his decision on perpetrators. There are important points of law in this matter. That does not detract from the disappointment of our clients with his decision. Whether a cross-appeal is lodged will depend on a number of factors. In any event there will be continuing struggles regarding funding for our clients in this further legal development – which should really not be another burden for them.”