Tareq Samha is a Syrian national living in Turkey. Tareq lives with his British wife Jesse Malone and their daughter. They have been together for over two years and married earlier this year.


Tareq is a freelance author and translator. Jesse is a freelance journalist and author. Together they co-authored Syria: An Intimate Portrait.


Jesse previously was Director in Residence of the Foyle Film Festival in Derry.


Tareq was forced, like many others, to flee Syria and find safety in Turkey.


Tareq lives legitimately in Turkey but would need to travel to place where papers were issued, the border City of Killis. That would be against the advice of both the Irish and British governments.


Tareq is seeking entry to Ireland to enable his wife Jesse to take up employment in Galway with Amnesty International.


Tareq has applied for an Irish visa to enter the country as the spouse of an EU national exercising her right to free movement and to take employment with an international human rights organisation.


They also want their young daughter to be educated in Ireland.


Jesse is half Irish by birth.


The political situation in Turkey and Syria is unstable.


KRW LAW LLP is supporting Tareq’s application for a visa which was made by his solicitors in London. We have now made formal representations to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin requesting that they intervene and request the Irish Embassy in Ankara to expedite Tareq’s visa application enabling him and his family to leave Turkey and to enter Ireland.