Statement by Paul Larkin

Sunday Independent editor Alan English has condemned as ‘contemptible’ the online abuse directed at Aoife Moore by Eoghan Harris’s Twitter abuse forum.


However he has made no reference to the atrocious ‘Provo sectarian poison’; abuse directed at me from Barbara J Pym and my Irish Times article, which was followed up by a gratuitous and defamatory attack in his Sunday Independent column.


There cannot be any doubt that this two-pronged attack via Harris’s abuse site and in his article was deliberate.


Moreover, Harris’s article in the Sunday Independent is the subject of a Press Council complaint from me, which includes a complaint about the Barbara J Pym abuse.


The suggestion that Alan English did not raise the issues relating to the shocking Twitter Troll abuse directed at me with Eoghan Harris in their conversations regarding the Barbara J Pym twitter account, which led to Harris being sacked, is not credible.


If Alan English is sincere in his criticism of Harris’s fake troll abuse site, he should apologise to all the victims of Harris’s injurious diatribes including myself. If he declines to do that. I cannot see how he can continue as the editor of the Sunday Independent.