Statement from KRW Law LLP – Zach Gevelinger

Statement of KRW LAW LLP

We act on behalf of American citizen Zach Gevelinger – aged 24- who was arrested under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 9

This afternoon he was finally released without charge after spending 9 days in custody

His arrest came after he visited with a female prisoner in Hydebank and to that end his detention represented the grimmest of welcomes to NI

His release is not before time given that he was completely innocent of the allegations put to him and our increasing concerns about his health

Indeed he was rushed to hospital on Sunday afternoon before being returned to Antrim SCU today

Human rights groups were contacted during his ordeal together with the US Consulate in belfast.It is indeed ironic that in  the USA itself suspects are not allowed to be kept in custody for anywhere near the same amount of time – all the more reason why there needs to be  a change in the law to prevent future oppressive detentions for periods beyond 7 days

We intend to lodge a complaint with PONI tomorrow morning and can confirm that legal proceedings for wrongful arrest and unlawful detention will be issued in due course

Statement ends