Disclosure by Government of the Republic of Ireland-Kingsmill Inquest.

QUESTION: Has Irish government invited Kingsmills Massacre coroner to Dublin to yet see sensitive files, as promised by Enda Kenny in Bessbrook in March 2015?


‘The Kingsmill Inquest has revealed unusual legal territory concerning the disclosure of sensitive material relating to the murders and attempted murder at Kingsmill on the 5.01.1976. It has been raised by the Government of the Republic of Ireland, that there are genuine legal difficulties in disclosing the sensitive documentation. Our clients were reassured by the words of the Taoiseach Edna Kenny when he promised them full disclosure of documents-however they have been grossly disappointed by the extent of disclosure to date and are now being told that despite a political will to have documents disclosed the the ROI Government, there now are legal problems preventing this disclosure.


It is absolutely crucial that the Southern Government co-operate with the Coroner’s Office in Belfast in this matter to ensure that the Coroner is in possession of all the relevant material as the Kingsmill Inquest hearings progress. Kevin Winters from KRW LLP who represents family members and the survivor Mr Alan Black commented, “It is our view that Article 2 of the ECHR are as incorporated into UK jurisprudence as they are established within the jurisprudence of the Republic of Ireland. We will therefore ensure that there is full co-operation between the two jurisdictions to ensure that the Kingsmill families have full disclosure of all documents. We would contend that any legal problems that are now being presented are trumped by the application of Article 2 of the ECHR. We fully support the Coroner Judge Sherrard in his pursuit of ensuring disclosure and we have ensured our clients, that if necessary we will commence legal action against high legal office of the Government of the Republic of Ireland to ensure that our clients Article 2 rights under the ECHR trump any legal difficulties that are preventing disclosure”.