Ray Millar Statement

We act on behalf of Ray Millar. He is a survivor of the Miami Showband 1975 atrocity when some of his colleagues lost their lives.


Ray had returned home after playing in the Castle Ballroom in Banbridge when he learned of the incident. He has suffered serious PTSD in the intervening years.


We have now issued High court proceedings against the MOD and PSNI alleging State collusion with the Loyalist paramilitaries who perpetrated the murderous attack.


The incident has already been the subject of previous High court legal action by some of the next of kin of the deceased and survivors resulting in a settlement in December 2021


Speaking on the case Padraig McIlkenny of KRW LAW Conflict Litigation Dept stated,


“This is a challenging case for two reasons. Firstly, he is a secondary victim in that he wasn’t present at the actual incident. However we have recently successfully litigated this point in another Troubles related case. We are confident we can widen this category of victim to include this case.


Secondly Rays action is only now issuing after a purported cut-off date imposed by the British Government last May. His case is precisely the sort of legal action which the State is determined to prevent. Equally we are confident the courts will engage fairly on any political and legal State attempt to shut down access to the courts.”


Ray Millar said,


“My thoughts will always be with the boys who lost their lives and their families plus the fellas who survived. It’s absolutely terrible what happened and despite the passage of time the full horror of it all still shocks everyone. However I feel I am as sort of forgotten man of the Miami Showband. I was told repeatedly through the years that I had no case and there was nothing I could do. Fate intervened that terrible night and I went home after the gig. But I have had to relive the awful experience daily. I am taking this case now because I believe that I am also a victim of State – Loyalist collusion and I’ve never been recognised as such. I know there are complex and sensitive legal issues around it but all I want is a wee bit of recognition.’’