KRW LAW Statement in respect of Professor Colin Harvey

Having reviewed official correspondence, we formally  confirm the following in respect of the use of the QUB logo on the recently published research report by Professor Colin Harvey and Mark Bassett BL.


Approval for the use of the University logo was explicitly sought in advance and was definitively authorised, by the appropriate authority in QUB.


We are surprised and disappointed that this explicit authority has not been publicly acknowledged in recent discourse surrounding the report.


We urge the University to defend its academic staff and further we underline that legitimate inquiry, scholarship and the ability of staff to conduct research, teach, speak, and publish without interference or penalty must be protected and maintained.


We deplore attacks on academics as being inconsistent with the principle of academic freedom and appeal to the University to reaffirm its commitment to all staff and their right to question, test and to put forward ideas without fear of placing themselves in jeopardy.


Academics from Queen’s University Belfast are being targeted by those opposed to the research in which they are engaged – including on constitutional change, Brexit, and the Protocol.


We deplore such attacks, and seek to put on record the value of legitimate inquiry and the right to question and test received wisdom and to put forward new ideas, without being under threat or being penalised for doing so.


In particular, and following a sustained campaign of intimidation and harassment over several years, we expect the University to issue a definitive public statement in support of Professor Colin Harvey and thus acknowledge his significant contribution to research, education and administration over decades.