Irish citizen, Ibrahim Halawa, was caught up in the turmoil of political protests whilst visiting Egypt in 2013. He was denied medical treatment for a gunshot wound to his hand following his arrest, and as a result, his hand is now permanently disfigured. Ibrahim Halawa awaits a mass trial and faces the death penalty if convicted for his alleged part in a political protest.


He is represented by KRW LAW LLP, a human rights and criminal defence law practice in Belfast.


Ibrahim Halawa was arrested along with his three older sisters, in the chaos of a protest in Cairo in August 2013. At the time of his arrest, Ibrahim was just seventeen years old, and about to start his final year of school. During Ibrahim’s detention, the police have beaten him, denied him medical treatment for bullet wounds to his hands, and, until now denied him access to his lawyers. Today his solicitor, Darragh Mackin of KRW LAW LLP, gained access to his client at Wady Al Natroon prison in Cairo, the first time Mr Halawa has seen a lawyer since his arrest.


Darragh Mackin was joined by Lynn Boylan MEP, whom Mr Halawa personally thanked in a letter that was smuggled out of the prison earlier this year, for her tireless campaigning on his behalf. This visit comes on the back of a refusal by the Egyptian Authorities to refuse the lawyer, an MEP, and the family from accessing yesterday’s Court Hearing of the case. Darragh Mackin of KRW LAW LLP said after the visit:


“It is imperative Ibrahim is allowed sufficient access to legal advice. Given the fact Ibrahim is currently facing the death penalty, it is extremely alarming that he has not been provided sufficient access to a lawyer until now.” “We will now be formally requesting that an independent doctor will be permitted access to Mr Halawa so that he can be examined, and that we can ensure his health is being given the necessary attention. We are incredibly concerned that the conditions he is currently subject to, fall short of the standard that is required by international law.” “We now seek to work collaboratively with the Irish government in securing our client’s urgent release”


Somaia Halawa, sister of Ibrahim said:


“It has been an extremely touching experience that my sister Khadija Halawa got to hug our brother for the first time in two years. We know that this visit with his lawyer Darragh Mackin will lift Ibrahim’s spirits, and lift our campaign in securing his return to Ireland.”


Gavin Booth of KRW LAW LLP accompanying his colleague Darragh Makin, added:


“Again this was against the backdrop of yesterday’s decision of the court to deny the Irish delegation and the families of all those accused of these crimes access to the court by again announcing a further adjournment, after subjecting families to a five hour wait in blistering hot conditions with temperatures soaring to well over 35 degrees.”