Noah Donohoe Inquest. Niall Murphy’s remarks at Preliminary Hearing.

On behalf of the Donohoe family we are obliged to the court for the early convention of this Preliminary Hearing and we welcome your opening comments and echo your appeal for an end to unhelpful and ill informed commentary on social media. We reiterate the courts appeal for this commentary to stop.


We are confident that our participation in these proceedings will provide the opportunity to ask, and have answered, all questions in relation to Noah’s death, and further that all lines of enquiry will be exhausted.


We reiterate the call for information and evidence and most specifically appeal to householders in the Shore Road area of Skegoneil Avenue, Loughview Terrace, Northwood Drive, Northwood Crescent, Northwood Road to review and secure any private CCTV for the 21 June at around 6pm and bring it to Police, the Coroner or Noah’s representatives. We further appeal for householders to take steps to ensure that any such CCTV does not over write itself, as that can be an automated technical setting on CCTV systems.


Noah’s family hope and trust that this inquest will assist in answering the outstanding questions of how Noah was in a state of undress and how he came to enter the storm drain.


Noah’s family take this opportunity to thank all those who assisted in the search for Noah, and for the thoughts and prayers which have been offered which have provided a modicum of comfort in what has been a living nightmare.