KRW LAW LLP represents Mufassil Islam.


Mr Islam is an internationally recognised former Muslim political activist who is an apostate and who has campaigned through both mainstream and online media to challenge extremist ideology.


Following the repeated failure of Facebook to remove abusive and threatening content directed against him and his family, our client is left with alternative but to issue immediate proceedings in the High Court in Belfast for harassment, breach of privacy and data rights.


A Writ against Facebook Ireland will be served on behalf of Mr Islam today.


Further, Mr Islam’s legal action will include a demand to Facebook to restore is account enabling him to resume his campaign to publicise his plight and that of other former Muslims.


Mr Islam states:


“It is important for me and my many followers that I am seen to be continuing my work throughout the world. This case is about restoring my right to freedom of expression and my right not to be discriminated against on the grounds of my ethnic and social origin. I am disappointed that I have been forced into taking legal action but in order to vindicate my rights I have no alternative”