Northern Ireland Executive Statement on Mother and Baby Homes

KRW LAW LLP (KRW) is instructed by a number of survivors of Mother and Baby Homes, Magdalen Laundries and Industrial/Factory Schools. 


We welcome the Statement of the Northern Ireland Executive made today to implement the recommendations of the Truth Design Recover Panel which were delivered in September.  KRW made detailed submissions to the panel. 


The Executive will immediately implement a scheme of redress for survivors. This will be non-means tested and will not affect those on benefits. 


The Executive will provide finance for cross-border co-operation.  


The Executive will establish a panel of investigation and introduce legislation to establish and independent statutory inquiry.  Survivors will be able to give testimony either in public or private. 


Aine Rice of KRW said  


“We are pleased with this announcement and welcome it on behalf of our clients – victims of a system of systemic institutional abuse by a variety of religious orders with the knowledge of the state.
An immediate scheme of redress is very important. Any statutory public inquiry must be survivor centred and compliant with human rights standards and ensure cross-border co-operation.”