KRW LAW LLP is instructed by five families whose relatives were killed in the McGurk’s Bar Bombing 1971.


For over 45 years the families have sought the truth about why their innocent loved one were killed.


The families have relied upon and been failed by those state mechanism tasked with investigating the deaths of their loved ones – the PSNI HET and OPONI.


The truth for them remains unclear and clouded by suspicion and rumour.


The families have relied upon their own resources to unearth truth in the archives of the state.


Earlier this year those archives revealed a further glimmer of truth in this quest for justice and accountability.


The government sought to keep the information in a file hidden. A successful appeal against that decision established that the bomb was not inside the McGurk’s Bar (the own goal theory that PIRA was responsible) but in the doorway of the McGurk’s Bar.


This fact had been immediately subject to propaganda and disinformation as collusion between British security forces and Loyalist paramilitary groups wanting to blame the PIRA.


On behalf of our clients we have now applied to the Attorney General for Northern Ireland for him to exercise his powers to recommend a fresh inquest into the McGurk’s Bar Bombing 1971 and to establish, once and for all as far as possible the truth through an independent and human rights compliant investigation.