Legal Action by Black Taxi Drivers

On Thursday last details emerged about a security briefing document warning attendees at a Belfast tech conference not to take black cab tours ” because they were run by the IRA.”


Organizers of the conference confirmed it was sent in error because it contained factual inaccuracies.


Although the memo was withdrawn it was still too late because of the reputational damage it caused to a clearly identifiable class of people.


Black taxi operatives in Belfast were immediately put at risk because of the toxic content of the memo.


We can confirm we have now received instruction from a number of Black taxi drivers after complaints over abusive comments was made to them.


Solicitor Colin McMenamin from KRW LAW Defamation and Social Media Law Dept said,


“In one of the cases a driver said that within one or two hours of this being made known he was accused of being in the IRA. He has been doing his job for a number of years now. He told us he’s left with little choice but to seriously think about resigning from a job he’s loved doing. He doesn’t want to be accosted like this again. Bluntly, he fears his life is now at risk.


The ramifications of this are far reaching. Not only have a clearly identifiable class of people been defamed but they are badly exposed here to ridicule and worse. We have no hesitation in issuing proceedings against the offending parties “