KRW LAW LLP has represented ten of the relative of victims of The Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974 since 2014. Yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of their deaths in the pub bombings.


Despite a resumption of the original inquest earlier this year and an active investigation by the West Midlands Police we consider that an independent judge lead statutory inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005 is now the only remaining mechanism by which to conduct a human rights compliant investigation into the Birmingham Pub Bombings.


The recent inquest was limited in its scope and relied upon assurances from the government which demanded to be tested. The current WMP investigation is undermined by the history of this police force in relation to the pub bombings and its engagement with the families since 2012.


Yesterday, Andy Street, the Conservative Mayor of the Combined West Midlands Authority, said:


“I’ve come to the conclusion that the time is now right for a panel-led, open public inquiry into what happened here that night .…  because, just as with the Hillsborough tragedy, my view now is that only a public inquiry can provide the answers that the families deserve”.


KRW LAW LLP endorse this demand from a senior Conservative politician.


Christopher Stanley for KRW LAW LLP said:


“KRW LAW LLP was instrumental is applying to resume the original inquest. The recent inquest was limited in its scope. The current WMP investigation is undermined by it appearance of lack of independence and previous failings. A statutory inquiry has long been seen by us and those we represent as a mechanism to investigate all the surrounding circumstances of the night o the 21stNovember 1974 in Birmingham. A public inquiry has been endorsed by senior politicians in Ireland and no matter which political party assumes office after the 12th December it should be incumbent on them to establish this inquiry into the worst peace time atrocity in Britain”