KRW LAW LLP is instructed on behalf of number of clients who suffered sustained sexual abuse whilst ‘in the care of’ of the Kincora Boys’ Home and other institutions in Belfast during the Conflict. Our clients include Gary Hoy and Richard Kerr. Last year KRW LAW LLP challenged the authority of the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) inquiry to investigate the serious allegations around the Kincora Boys’ Home in compliance with human rights standards including compelling evidence from former members of the British security forces.


On Friday at the High Court in Belfast, our challenge to the jurisdiction, powers and authority of the HIA inquiry was rejected as being ‘premature and misconceived’. On behalf of our clients – the victims and survivors of the prolonged and sustained abuse known to the agents of the British government – we are disappointed with this judgment and maintain that the HIA is a flawed mechanism to investigate these claims and that our clients should have the opportunity to become part of The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) in London or a separate independent inquiry. We shall be examining the judgment for possible grounds of appeal.


Claire McKeegan, Associate with KRW LAW LLP, commented:


“We, together with the victims, are hugely disappointed with the ruling.  Whilst the Court acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations which require full and proper consideration the inevitable consequence is that truth and justice for the victims will be further delayed. These victims have been seeking the truth for decades.  The victims believe it is time for an inquiry with full powers of compulsion of documents and witnesses to enable it to get to the truth. These victims of such egregious abuse deserve no less.”


Colin Wallace, the former British military intelligence officer who was forced to resign because of his exposure of the Kincora scandal, and has been supporting the victims also issued a press statement stating his disappointment with the judgment.


Claire McKeegan



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