Family of J. P. Cunningham express concern over media reporting of the trial of Dennis Hutchings

KRW LAW LLP is instructed on behalf of the family of John Patrick Cunningham. John Patrick Cunningham (27) was shot by the British Army on 15thJune 1974 at Carrickness, Benburb, Northern Ireland  at the height of the Conflict.


Dennis Hutching was a serving British soldier. Two charges of attempted murder and attempted grievous bodily harm with intent were bought against him in 2015 relating to the death of J P Cunningham. His criminal trial before a judge is now expected to commence later this year.


Recent media reports have sought to undermine the criminal justice process in this jurisdiction by allowing Dennis Hutchings to express views about his treatment in the matter of the allegations made against him and the effect of the prospect of a criminal trial upon him. He has also made remarks about the circumstances of the death of J. P. Cunningham which are inappropriate.


The family of J. P. Cunningham consider these reported remarks offensive and offend their rights as the relatives of a victim of a criminal act.


KRW LAW LLP has written to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) to put it on notice that media reporting around the trial of Dennis Hutchings should not be allowed to undermine the criminal justice process or the rights of victims. KRW has requested the PPS to monitor media activity and to report any infringement or violations to the relevant media organisations and their regulators.


Kevin Winters said


“The trial of Dennis Hutchings is very important for the family of J. P. Cunningham. It must take place in accordance with the strictures of the criminal justice process in this jurisdiction and must not be undermined by reckless media reporting of the remarks of the accused. The PPS must ensure that media reporting in this matter is balanced and responsible.”