Irene White Murder Investigation

We act on behalf of Anne Delcassian sister of the above named deceased.

We are instructed to respond to the news that a man in his early 30s has appeared in court today charged in connection with the murder of Irene
The murder charge coming as it does after all this time is a massive development for the next of kin
We have spoken with Anne this morning and she and the wider family are in a state of shock
In view of the gross delay and frustration in trying to seek justice in more recent times she resorted to a dogged legal campaign to highlight perceived failings around what was up until now a terrible injustice to the memory of Irene.

It would seem In light of this breakthrough in the investigation that her efforts have not been in vain
Given that there remain wider sensitivities around the controversial circumstances of Irenes brutal murder we would urge restraint in media speculation.

Whilst today’s court appearance is clearly a huge step in the right direction there are many unresolved issues that require further proving
Speaking today Anne Delcassian said ” I want to thank Gardai for sticking with this murder inquiry when it seemed all hope was gone ,
I recognise they have a difficult job to do but much remains to be uncovered and on that basis myself and my solicitor expect to meet Gardai in the next few weeks “