Hooden Men Press Release

We act on behalf of some of the Hooded Men.

We welcome today’s court of Appeal Ruling upholding the original High court finding of torture as well as endorsing the need for an independent investigation.

Like so many Conflict – related victims the Hooded Men have had to engage in often attritional and lengthy litigation to get justice.

It’s been a long wait to get to this point but the pursuit of justice is often fraught with delay and that has been no different in this case
Speaking today after the hearing Liam Shannon said “I call on the State to move immediately to appoint an independent investigation team to implement the court’s ruling” and echoing the same theme Jim Auld started “It’s not right that The State even remotely consider appealing this ruling – I’m concerned the State have contested us at every step of the way and I call on them now to move on the court’s ruling now.”

Kevin Winters confirmed the ruling as a positive endorsement of all other legal proceedings pending and that it would support his clients pending high Court civil case against all of those involved in implementing torture practice against them.