KRW Law challenge over George Galloway Twitter Designation

We are instructed on behalf of George Galloway, who is a well-respected politician, author and political commentator.  He is the leader of the United Kingdom registered “Workers Party of Britain” political party.


Our client is well-renowned for his independence of thought and opinion. He has never accepted or been subject to any control, editing, interference or other restrictions upon his right to freedom of expression, to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas. He also holds the strong belief that pluralism of the media should be respected by himself and others.


Our client is the account holder of the “blue tick” and verified and personal account or handle “George Galloway @georgegalloway” (hereafter “the Twitter Account”).


The Twitter Account has operated for many years and has a substantial following and reach worldwide, particularly throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Twitter Account currently has more than 410,000 “followers”.


On 6th April 2022, Twitter International Unlimited Company (hereafter “Twitter”) as the publisher of content and the data controller for all personal data on Twitter processed outside the United States of America applied a designation/label to the Twitter Account:


Russia state-affiliated media


Our client entirely disputes that he is “Russia state-affiliated media” and provides notice of his intention to institute proceedings against Twitter for breach of his personal data rights defamation/libel and harassment.


The application of the label is unlawful both as a matter of data protection law and otherwise unlawful being defamatory/libellous, an intrusion into our client’s private life because it is a serious attack on his personal/professional integrity and reputation and because the application of the label interferes with his right to freedom of expression through censorship


Solicitor Kevin Winters of KRW LAW Defamation and Social Media Law Dept said:


“Twitter have badly miscalculated here in assigning this dreadfully harmful designation to Mr Galloway’s account. Whatever strategic political or other reasons were in play in making this decision has only served to galvanise his fight to protect his good name and reputation.


His reasonable request to remove this offensive and damaging Designation was ignored by Twitter That’s simply unacceptable and inexcusable. Everyone knows George has robust political views and isn’t shy about expressing them but that doesn’t entitle Twitter or anyone else to demonise him in this way.


I can confirm that we have put Twitter on formal notice today of our intention to issue High Court  proceedings within 7 days unless we receive terms satisfactory to Mr Galloway.”