Gareth Graham

Press Release 3rd September 2015 in relation to Evidence provided to the Committee for Finance and Personnel Review of the Sale of the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) property loan portfolio in Northern Ireland


Last week, the Committee for Finance and Personnel made a call for anyone with information to help their Inquiry into the ‘Review of the Sale of the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) property loan portfolio in Northern Ireland’.


With a sense of civic duty, our client Gareth Graham, made himself available. He believed that he had information which falls within the Terms of Reference of this Inquiry, which hopefully will have assisted the elected members as they continue their Inquiry. Mr Graham engaged in an open and transparent way with the Committee answering all questions, and is eager on ongoing basis to assist law enforcement agencies in several jurisdictions with their ongoing investigations including making the recordings that he retains available.


Mr Graham has listened to hundreds of hours of recordings, with more to consider, and it is quite clear, that there was an ingrained culture of inappropriate and quite possibly illegal business conduct, which stretched across political, legal, banking and accountancy sectors. Mr Graham through his evidence has encouraged any professionals in those disciplines to come forward and assist the authorities with their investigations.

Mr Graham has spoken with the National Crime Agency and we have also contacted and await confirmation of a date to make a complaint to the PSNI in relation to criminal offences which it is considered have been committed.

We have also complained on Mr Graham’s behalf to the Security and Exchange Commission in Washington DC as to the inappropriate political relationships and potentially unlawful Banking relationships which are disclosed in the recordings, which it is considered merits SEC investigation in respect of potential breaches of the Foreign Corrupt Persons Act 1977 in the purchase by Cerberus of my assets which were retained in the Portfolio of Project Eagle.


Statement ends.

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