Fred Holroyd, a former captain in the British Army, has today issued a writ in the High Court of Northern Ireland against the Ministry of Defence. KRW LAW LLP is instructed by Fred Holroyd, who lives in England and even though now in poor health, is determined for the truth to be exposed regarding his deployment as a soldier in Northern Ireland. Fred Holroyd served in Northern Ireland between 1973 and 1975. He was forced to leave the British Army in 1976.


He has long campaigned for the truth to be told regarding collusion between the British security forces and services and paramilitary organisations both Loyalist and Republican.


Fred Holroyd was seconded to British intelligence and worked with both the RUC Special Branch and the Garda in cross-border operations including intelligence gathering and running informants in both the UDA and the PIRA.


He was forced from his post when unlawfully detained at the British military psychiatric at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley. He has always maintained that he was illegally and unlawfully detained and forced to leave the British Army because of his knowledge of unlawful and illegal activities being committed by the security forces and services in collusion with paramilitary groups.


The writ is claim for damages against the MOD for his unlawful detention. Fred Holroyd will also be seeking compensation for loss of pay and pension following is forces departure from the British army.


Christopher Stanley, Litigation Consultant, KRW LAW LLP said:


“Mr Holroyd was unlawfully detained at RVH Netley and then unjustly forced to leave the British Army. We have issued a writ on his behalf against the MOD and will also be seeking compensation for his loss of earning and pension. He is a soldier unjustly treated by his employer for carrying out his duty.”


Kevin Winters, Senior Partner of KRW LAW LLP said:


“Fred Holroyd has long campaigned on his own behalf and on behalf of others to expose the truth regarding those aspects of the Conflict which involved collusion and other illegal and unlawful policies and practices on both sides of the border. The issuing of a writ today against his former employer the MOD is a first step in his recognition for his unlawful detention at Netley which lead to him leaving the army”