KRW LAW LLP is instructed by 21 of the relatives of the victims of the Dublin Monghan Bombings 1974.  Three bombs exploded in Dublin during rush hour and a fourth exploded in Monaghan almost ninety minutes later. They killed 33 civilians and an unborn child, and injured almost 300.


The UVF claimed responsibility for the Dublin Monaghan Bombings. The Irish parliament’s Joint Committee on Justice called the attacks an act of international terrorism involving British state forces. The Loyalist paramilitary Glenanne Gang operating in Mid-Ulster at the period and responsible for multiple killings of Catholic civilians is alleged to have been responsible for the bombing with the direct assistance of British security forces.


Today in the High Court in Belfast a groups of survivors and relatives of the victims of the Dublin Monaghan Bombings 1974 will be seeking further information from both the Chief Constable of the PSNI, as the representative of the RUC, and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (SSNIO) regarding what they knew about the bombings. They expect that the PSNI, the MOD and the SSNIO will serve defenses to claims made against them – claims which were made two years ago. The families seek disclosure from the PSNI, the MOD and the SSNIO of information which will substantiate the long standing allegations of collusion between British state forces and the Loyalist paramilitary groups, specifically the UVF and The Glenanne Gang regarding responsible for the bombings.


Kevin Winters said:


“This application is significant because we cannot push for release of important materials until defences are filed – the legal process can be terribly frustrating for families bereaved in the Conflict so there is an obligation on all of the parties, including ourselves, to try and expedite matters. We anticipate the court putting in place a timetable for the next stages of the civil proceedings.”


Margaret Urwin of JUSTICE FOR THE FORGOTTEN added


“For years since the atrocities, we have fought to get the authorities to release all of the archive documents which would help bring closure for the bereaved and injured. We really hope the High Court in Belfast will intervene and make the necessary orders.”