“Throughout my fifty year career in business, entertainment and politics I have never before sought redress through the Courts. At one time I would have been reluctant to bring these proceedings.


We spend a lifetime building our good name and reputation, but one unfounded lie or malicious or false accusation can define us forever.


In this age of social media Twitter and Facebook the digital imprint and damage of a lie or a false allegation is there forever.


It is not in the ‘public interest’ to publish lies.


In particular the further publishing of those lies on Face Book – which has over 2 Billion members – invites comments that leave a permanent and irreparable damaging digital imprint.


What happened to me can happen to anyone. For that reason, I decided, for the first time, not to let the untrue word stand unchallenged. In doing this I echo the same stance taken by Sir Cliff Richard, Louis Walsh and others.


On the 10th of July 2014 the Sunday World published a false headline and story which was made worse by them putting it up on their Sunday World Facebook page and inviting comments from the public. Those comments, in the words of Justice Burgess, were abhorrent.


The story was a direct and brutal attack on all that I believe and value and on my good name, my integrity, my character and my public and private life.


This false reporting told readers that I had lived a lie.


Amongst other things, the Sunday World’s article and Face Book Page explicitly and falsely stated that I engaged in a cover-up of child abuse. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those lies should never have been published.


That’s what my case is all about. Headlines and an article linked to Face Book pages that was a lie and which caused damage to my good name, my family and my reputation.


The Sunday World Newspaper, owned by INM, should show more respect to the principle and the practice of everyone’s right to their good name.”