Dana to receive second six figure sum in Sunday World settlement

We act on behalf of Dana Rosemary SCALLON in her action against INM PLC and Sunday Newspapers following publishing of false claims by the Sunday World in 2014 that she gave evidence connected to her brother John Brown, who was unanimously acquitted in 2014 of historic sex abuse charges dating from the 1970s.


In her libel claim, Dana sued after INM PLC’s Sunday World published a report Online and in its Facebook pages falsely stating that she had given evidence at her brothers trial about steps she had taken in relation to him. The report was without foundation.


INM PLC’s Sunday World has today unreservedly apologised again to Dana and her family for the hurt caused and the damage to her name and reputation.


Speaking today after the court hearing Dana said:


‘’What happened to me can happen to anyone, whether well known or not.  Everyone  is entitled to protect their good name. This Sunday World publication was a despicable lie. Amongst other things, the Sunday World’s article and Facebook page explicitly and falsely stated that I had engaged in a cover-up of child sex abuse. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those lies should never have been published.


The story was completely groundless and malicious and an unjustified assault on my reputation and all that I stand for. It was a deliberate attack on my good name, character, public and private life and my integrity. It is unacceptable that it has taken 7 years to bring this episode to a close in Dublin, especially given that the publisher admitted in the Northern Ireland High Court, in 2018, that their article was false. ‘’


Speaking after the announcement of the settlement in the court of appeal in Dublin, Dana’s solicitor Kevin Winters from KRW LAW [ DUBLIN ] stated


“INM PLC’s sundayworld.com website publication of July 10, 2014, together with it’s Facebook pages, made and published false allegations in respect of Dana Rosemary Scallon.


We can confirm that the defendants have finally admitted liability and that a second six figure settlement regarding the same article was paid out by them in damages.


It has been a long battle for Ireland’s Eurovision winner and former MEP Dana, especially given that she had to go to the court of appeal to achieve this result.


I am delighted for her that once again she has been vindicated.”



“In a sundayworld.com website publication of July 10, 2014, and on our Facebook pages, false allegations were made and published in respect of Dana Rosemary Scallon.


The groundless allegations defamed Dana Rosemary Scallon and reflected very badly on her character, good name and reputation.


We reservedly withdraw these allegations and have agreed to pay to Dana Rosemary Scallon a six-figure sum in damages and her legal costs.


We wish to apologise sincerely to Dana Rosemary Scallon for the distress and harm caused to her and her family.”