KRW LAW LLP is instructed by a number of prisoners, both sentenced and remand, detained in the separate regime of Roe House at HMP Maghaberry.


Over the last two days we have been advised by our clients and family members of on-going intimidation by Prisoner Officers, including members of the Riot Squat, during a family visiting period, during which partners and children were present and a number of prisoners were restrained resulting in physical injuries.


KRW LAW LLP have visited our clients at HMP Maghaberry and taken their instructions relating to this incident.  We have requested access to CCTV footage and at least one complaint has been made to the Prisoner Ombudsman. The Northern Ireland Prison Service have disciplined a number of prisoners and banned at least one family member from further visits in the near future.


Once again, prisoners detained in the Roe House separated regime have been at the centre of violent tensions between them, their families and the prison service with the use of force being authorised against them.  HMP Maghaberry remains a prison in crisis as confirmed by recent inspection reports and classified as the most dangerous prison in the UK.


The separated regime is complex environment where tensions between staff and prisoners are heightened. Once again the Northern Ireland Prison Service has seen fit to deploy a heavy handed approach toward those in its control and care. Once again prisoners have had to resort to complaint and litigation to enforce their rights to be protected from those trusted to protect them and their families.