KRW LAW LLP represent the group “Birth Mothers and their children for Justice NI.”  Speaking in advance of the launch of the Campaign at the Good Sheppard on the Ormeau road at 12 30pm today solicitor Claire McKeegan representing the birth mothers said


“We are aware of twelve Mother and Baby Homes or Magdalene Laundry-type institutions which operated in Northern Ireland in the last century by various Church Orders both Catholic and Protestant.  We are instructed by our clients that they suffered a catalog of abuse both physical and emotional, were detained against their will, forced to undertake unpaid labour in unacceptable environments and suffered the removal and in many cases forced adoption of their babies.


It is clear that there are serious questions which require answers including the reasons for such a high infant mortality rate.  Documents which have come to light suggest that infant mortality rate of “illegitimate children” was as much as 100% higher and a high percentage died of malnutrition.  It is now time for these institutions to be publicly scrutinized and be forced to open their filing cabinets to allow for an independent investigation to be conducted.  The victims demand truth and justice.


We have written to the Executive requesting an Inquiry into the harms that were perpetrated on innocent women and children in the Mother and Baby homes in NI.  We are actively considering further legal challenges on behalf of those we represent in the absence of any meaningful commitment from the Government that an Inquiry will be held.


Our clients were left out of the HIA Inquiry investigation and should not be denied Justice any longer as it is a further wrong perpetrated on these victims to require them to wait indefinitely for answers and redress which they are entitled to and so greatly need.  The abuses perpetrated on these victims in these institutions have had predictable devastating impact on victims.


The Irish Government have taken steps and established a Commission of Inquiry into alleged abuses at the Mother and Baby homes in the South of Ireland.  Our clients should be afforded the same justice by the Government in the North.”


We have advised our clients that civil claims for compensation against institutions and individuals remain an active possibility.



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