KRW LAW LLP represent ten of the families of the victims of the Birmingham Pub Bombings 1974 in the resumed inquests into the deaths of their loved ones.


Following the Coroner’s Ruling on Scope of the inquest delivered on 3rd July 2017, which ruled out of the scope the issue of perpetrators, KRW and our clients have discussed our approach to the inquest.


We requested that the Coroner revise his Ruling on Scope to include the issue of perpetrators – the bomb makers, bomb planters and their associates – and he has informed us that he will not so and stands by his Ruling on Scope.


KRW Law has been consistent in its submissions that the ‘perpetrator issue’ would need to be addressed and within the scope of any resumed inquest. There have been three ITV World in Action documentaries, a documentary drama and a published book, all dealing with the perpetrator issue. These have cast doubt, rumour and fuelled speculation on who perpetrated these bombings.


The recent interview with PIRA member Mick Hayes has only served to create another layer of confusion and hurt for the families.


Our clients have been traumatised again and again for over 40 years with constant media revelations of who bombed Birmingham? Not to deal with this question now in the scope of the resumed inquest would mean the perpetrator issue is buried again. We maintain that the British government continues to have a legal and moral duty to deal with perpetrator issue now and ensure all has been done to pursue those who bombed Birmingham.


As you are aware our clients did not attend the last hearing of the inquest on 27th July and have issued their own press release. KRW have provided our clients with Advice and have taken Instruction from them. We remain on the record with the Coroner representing our clients as Interested Persons to the inquests. Our clients can see little value in further assisting the inquest until the issue of perpetrators is resolved and until all papers relating to the scope of the Devon and Cornwall Police investigation of the West Midlands Police are disclosed.


Therefore, having received the response of the Coroner, KRW is proceeding to apply for permission from the High Court to have the Ruling on Scope challenged by way of judicial review. This would seek for the Ruling on Scope to be set aside and a new Ruling on Scope which would include the perpetrator issue to be substituted.


Our argument is that the Coroner was wrong in reaching his decision to exclude the perpetrator issue in terms of human rights jurisprudence, in terms of domestic law and in terms of his opinion on the role of an inquest with a jury.


Whether the inquest proceeds is a question for the Coroner, as is the questions of what further disclosure is made. In any event any judicial review proceeding would be by way of an urgent application for permission before any substantive hearing could take place.


You will be aware of the efforts made on behalf of our clients for KRW as Northern Ireland based solicitors to secure legal aid in this matter. We maintain that the funding regime for a complex inquest of this nature is not fit for purpose and any application for legal aid to seek permission to judicially review the decision of the Coroner would take excessive time or be rejected in any event.


Therefore our clients are using Crowdfunding to resource this fresh challenge in their quest for truth, justice and accountability on behalf of their loved ones.




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