On Thursday 28th May 2015, BBC Panorama will broadcast “Britain’s Secret Terror Deals” which continues its important work in exposing the truth behind many of the secrets of the Conflict in the North of Ireland, most recently in relation to the British army covert operations unit the Military Reaction Force (MRF). Now the BBC investigates collusion between the British government and paramilitary forces during the Conflict. The documentary is described as:


“British security forces have been accused of involvement in dozens of murders during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Reporter Darragh MacIntyre investigates allegations that the state colluded with paramilitary killers and covered up their crimes. He meets the families who have been fighting for decades to uncover the government’s darkest secrets and he confronts some of those believed to be complicit.”


KRW LAW LLP incorporates a unique Legacy Department of specialists instructed by victims of the Conflict who are using the law to seek justice, truth and accountability for the crimes that other agencies established by the British government are unable to or unwilling to provides answers to. Our clients rely upon the legal process to challenge the failings of the British government to confront its complicity and impunity during the Conflict and to force answers to questions many of which others would not wanting either asking or answered.


The work of BBC Panorama, which our clients have contributed to, is an element in the process of exposing the truth about complicity and impunity and the role of collusion between the British government through its security forces and paramilitary organisations during the Conflict. We and our clients know that delivering truth, justice and accountability is a core element to a successful settlement of the peace in the North of Ireland.


KRW LAW LLP represents victims of the Conflict from across our community. Our clients include the bereaved families of the Kingsmill Massacre 1976 and of the Sean Graham Bookmakers Ormeau Road mass shooting 1992. We represent individual victims including the families of murdered journalist Martin O’Hagan in 2001 and RUC Constable Colleen McMurray in 1992 and many others. A central element to our work is exposing collusion in these murders. Collusion between the British government and Loyalist and Republican forces is what the BBC documentary describes as ‘secret terror deals’ and it took a number forms throughout the Conflict from ‘turning a blind eye’ to the direct authorisation of lethal force.


KRW LAW LLP, on behalf of our clients, is engaged in bringing to the courts the evidence and argument to establish that collusion throughout the Conflict was a political policy implemented through security operations resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives which could have been prevented. It was dirty war made more so through secret terror deals.


Kevin Winters said “Our practice is proud to represent many victims of the Legacy of the Conflict here. The more evidence we can gather the stronger our arguments are to fulfil the right to truth, justice and accountability for our clients for the loss of their loved ones and to establish whether these losses could have been prevented. BBC Panorama is contributing to the process of the often painful process of exposing the truth which we believe is an essential element in establishing the settlement of the peace for our society.”


ENDS 28 05 2015