Having read law at Queen’s University Belfast in 2014, Anurag went on to obtain a Master’s degree in human rights law in 2015, also at Queen’s. After completing further studies in London, Anurag was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2019. In September 2020, Anurag returned to Queen’s to begin part-time PhD studies in constitutional law, having been awarded a highly competitive and prestigious scholarship from the Northern Bridge Consortium of the Arts and Humanities Research Council in May 2020.


Anurag engages in a broad civil and public law practice, having acted and continuing to act in cases involving the proper powers of the police and coroners, complex medical matters including the provision of medicinal cannabis, local authority environmental duties, high-profile defamation actions and Legacy claims arising out of Conflict-related violence and death.


Anurag has also contributed widely to legal academia, mainly on issues of public law. He is a frequent contributor to the UK Constitutional Law Association and Admin Law blogs and has been published in the Edinburgh Law Review and the Journal for International Humanitarian Legal Studies.