Today marks the second anniversary of the HIA Redress Compensation scheme for survivors and victims of historic institutional abuse in Northern Ireland.


Whilst it was a long time coming after the completion of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) in 2017 and has had some initial start-up issues, nevertheless the impact of the scheme has been significant and sometimes life changing for many survivors.


KRW LAW LLP (KRW) are advised today that a total sum of circa £35m has been paid out in compensation.


The recipients range from survivors of so-called Children’s’ Homes to borstals and other detention centres including Crumlin Road and Long Kesh/Maze Prison.


Welcoming this latest news about the figures Associate Solicitor Owen Beattie of the KRW Historical Abuse Department said:


“It has been a long and at times very frustrating journey for so many victims and survivors, but these figures really say it all. They represent a fiscal endorsement of the out workings of the scheme. Our Department has processed or is in middle of processing up to 650 applications which in turn has generated a sum of £8.5m in financial compensation for so many people. After two years we are still getting new instructions on a weekly basis. The response has been overwhelming. It has been a privilege to represent so many survivors from a variety of different backgrounds including Survivors Together Rosetta Trust and Survivors North-West. It is humbling to listen to so many difficult and at times harrowing narratives. I want to pay tribute to our specialist Department who continue to work tirelessly on behalf of survivors, and I commend the Board on its invaluable commitment to overseeing due process “