KRW LAW LLP is representing the Sikh Federation in their legal actions to secure an independent inquiry into the Amritsar Massacre in 1984 following a raid by Indian security forces on the sacred Golden Temple.


Previously the Sikh Federation and KRW LAW LLP have sourced new information regarding the role of British security forces in training the Indian army and police as the National Security Guard (NSG).


Darragh Mackin, Solicitor at KRW LAW LLP, said at that time:


“The discovery of this fresh evidence yet again casts the spotlight on the British Government for their role in the atrocities committed against the Sikh community at Amritsar in June 1984.  This recent discovery further undermines the effectiveness of the original Heywood Review, and it is against this backdrop that we have asked that immediate action is taken to ensure that an effective and independent investigation is commissioned without further delay. We have corresponded directly with the Home Secretary and the FCO to ensure that urgent action is taken to first address the fact that Parliament was misled, and secondly to provide an effective and independent investigation without further delay.”


Following the leaked Labour Party Manifesto last week it is now clear that the Labour Party are committed to an independent investigation into British involvement into the Amritsar Massacre. Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Party, has confirmed this.


“Many Sikhs in the UK, including in my own constituency were shocked to learn about British involvement in the events leading up to the attack by the Indian army on the Golden Temple complex at Amritsar in 1984 … The next Labour government will set up an independent inquiry so that UK Sikhs are given the full truth about what took place. They have already waited for too long for their questions about British involvement to be answered.”


John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer has said: “In our manifesto Labour will commit to holding a public inquiry into the 1984 massacre that the British Sikh community have so patiently waited for and deserve”


KRW LAW LLP is continuing to challenge the closure of documents held by the British government in relation to this matter in addition to planned litigation to secure an independent public inquiry.